Still Syd...

I went out with some people of the hostel.

We went to Scubar and it was really great!

First some guys were jumping with full beerglasses, so i got some beer over me.

Later i went to the bar, did they have a waterfight.

So, i was really wet there haha!

Tonight i'll have a quiet night, because there is a lot nice things on the tv.

At 6 the Simpsons, then Neighbours (okay, i never look this, but it's just an half hour), then 1,5 hour the Simpsons (the new episode) and after that The OC.

So tonight i'm not bored haha! ;)

I have just a few days left in Syd.

Too bad, but i go to New Zealand and i think that's also nice!!

And i've just 1 thing to say to Sydney and that is: i'll be back!!! :)

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