Dutch Queensday

Okay, i start with writing again...

On Saturday 30st of April the Scubar (a bar in Sydney) celebrated Dutch Queensday.

Me, as Dutchie, had to go to there and it was really a good party!! :) :)

Almost everybody (Dutchies and non-dutchies) were orange and the music they played, was also Dutch music (normally everybody is wearing orange on queensday in Holland)!

They had also some Dutch food, very nice!! :)

So after all, it was a great party with a lot of Dutchies and even the non-dutchies liked it. 

The next day i saw 2 English girls and they said to me that they liked the party so much, they gonna celebrate it every year, doesn't matter where they are!!

On Sunday i was chillin' whole day, because i didn't slept that night (sorry, to busy with party haha ;) ).

So i was sitting in the hostel with Roy, James, Lucky, Max and some other guys.

With Roy and Lucky (i thought haha), we went in the afternoon to a Dutch snackbar, because Roy was hungry (he's also a Dutchie).

I took a croquet, just to tast how it is and it was really nice!!
So soon i'll eat there for dinner! :)
And it's really easy, because the people who are working there are Dutchies as well, so i can order in Dutch hehe! :)

Today is Monday and James, Lucky and Roy left this morning, but i gonna celebrate it with some people from the hostel tonight haha! ;)
One of the English girls, her birthday is tomorrow and we are going to Scubar to celebrated it.

Well, i'm going to the city now!  

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