Byron (Eng. version)

A little bit in short a new story....

The last few days i was a lot of times on the beach and by the swimmingpool.

The swimmingpool is in the hostel, before my room!! :)

Marjolein is now with me, so that's nice!

Yesterday we were in the sea with the bodyboards and then Marjolein and i saw a very big jelly fish.

So we run out of the water (so quickly haha).

You should see us, then you could laugh!!

Then in the evening we went out.

We were dancing and dancing...

And then there was no music anymore...

Yeah, they had a problem...

So, they played some games, like striptivia, ball games and with balloons...

Ofcourse the girls were smarter & better, so they won!! :)

Just when Marjolein and me wanted to go to the hostel, the music started to play.

So, we stayed, but it was so hot inside, that we went back to the hostel.

We wanted to swim in the pool, but it was closed (damn).

This morning when i was eating my breakfast, there was a woman walking between the hostel and screaming. 

If the food was good and that her food is stolen.

Okay, its not nice that her food is stolen, but it's stupid to scream in the hostel about that.

Everybody was laughin at her!!

Well, tomorrow i'm going to surf (yeah, finally haha ;) ).

See ya!

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